Our Amarillo, Texas customers expect the best from us, and we strive to meet those expectations. You can tell from our testimonials that our guys have the knowledge and skill to fill all your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs. Emergencies don’t just happen from 8-5, when our office is open. No matter when you call A&R Mechanical Services, you will reach a real person who will direct your call accordingly. We are here for you. A&R Mechanical Services is locally and family owned. We are established in the Amarillo, TX community and are part of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce. Linked to the community around us, you can expect us to be there for you when needed. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau says that you are receiving the best service possible when hiring A&R Mechanical Service.


Whether your job is large or small, our Amarillo Plumbing and HVAC Service Technicians can do it! A&R Mechanical Services can install, repair, replace and maintain your AC and heating system as well as your plumbing equipment.    


Planning ahead can save you money. Check out our Comfort Care Programs. We have a plan to fit your needs, whether you want to protect your HVAC and/or plumbing. We offer 24/7 emergency service when necessary. Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed and we service all brands. All of our Amarillo technicians are fully licensed, and insured. In addition, we do not use Plumbing Heating or Air subcontractors.  

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  • Lee went on a service call on 12/25 to Mr. Perley’s house. This was during the snow storm, Mr. Perley is very thankful  that he came out, Lee was very efficient in looking after cost, and did not try to gouge them on repairs. He was very honest and put the customer needs first. He was a very excellent technician and represented A&R very well. Mr. Perley will continue to use and will recommend us to his friends and family.

    Amy S.
  • For several years I had truly dreaded replacing one of my two vintage 1959 furnaces in the attic - and kept procrastinating (envisioning workmen possibly tracking up my carpet, and maybe making a mess in the attic).  I cravenly just didn't want to face it.  Finally, before another winter came - when the furnace was sure to go out again (as it often had the last 3 winters) and I'd have to sleep on the couch until it started again - I bit the bullet and called A&R. General Manager Russell came to my house and was so friendly and upfront about every single detail of what the process would be that I started to feel a lot better.  He told me exactly what to expect, and how they'd put the new furnace in.  He inspected everything in the attic thoroughly - as well as the outside ac's and their connections. Then, when all the men came to work with Russell - Lee, Darden, Hagen, Stephen, and (one more - sorry, I forgot his name), they were friendly and highly competent.  They very carefully covered the carpet every day - and moved a table and 2 pictures out of harm's way when the new unit was carried in.  And when they were finished putting the new furnace in, they invited me up for a look.  It took my breath away! - Wonderful workmanship - a beautiful job.  And this in spite of the fact that they'd had to devote several hours to figuring out how the old colored wires related to the new wires.  So the project I'd been dreading turned out to be a delightful 3 days of my life! These men are true professionals  hard-working and knowledgable.  But they also have a lot of fun on the job.  You can't imagine how much I enjoyed hearing them often laughing together up there in the attic, while they were busily at work.  They obviously respected each other, and enjoyed the work they did together. I think this is directly related to the philosophy of Russell - that you have to have a little fun along the way when you're working.  He has a great rapport with his men.  And it makes the workday fun for the client too! Thank you, A&R men, for your incredible efficiency and competency - and workmanship.  And kudos to you, Russell, for being the ideal general manager.  It was a genuine pleasure to have you all here - and I look forward to your inspections in the future.  And I bet it won't be too long before my other 1959 furnace finally bites the dust and I'll be giving you another call!
    Julie Hays
  • The other evening, we had a condenser fan motor go out on our home AC unit. It was 6 pm or so when we called. Dardon came out to our house about 9 pm. He stayed and fixed it! Dardon was so nice, so helpful, and so courteous. It was about 11 pm before he finished. We really appreciate him, Dickie. He became my wife's hero! We really like. He is an asset to your company.
    John L.
  • I was visiting some friends/family on Cornell Street and noticed A&R trucks across the street while outside. I greatly appreciated the words on the sides of the truck saying who you support. That made a huge statement to me and made your company name stand out. When the employees came out to the trucks, they were very polite and asked me how my day was. They represented your company in a great way. I just wanted to pass along the great job that the guys did at representing your company professionally, and that the statements on your trucks have made an impact on which company I'll be using in the future for any work. Great job!
    Ashley S.
  • Lee did a great job getting all of the repairs made at my house. I was without AC for two days and my dog was so miserable he just laid there. Today, Lee came to repair my AC and now my dog is running all around the living room. I do have one concern, and it's that Lee isn't getting paid enough money. Great job A&R, keep it up! I'll be referring you to all of my friends and family.
    August Smith
  • There aren't many people that do honest work and explain everything to the customer. I couldn't have been any more happy with the work that Lee did for myself and my wife. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.
    Donald P.
  • I’m handicapped and couldn’t answer the door, so my husband left it open. I appreciate your professionalism and always informing me of your progress. And the work you performed was well done!

    Jennifer Robinson
  • Dear Russell,

    I have to say you and your staff have put the faith back in me that there are truly honest companies still our there. The work you did was completed in a timely fashion by caring and respectful men and women. So far we couldn’t be cooler or happier. Thank you and God bless you.

    Sherry Cox
  • We just had a new unit installed! Wonderful experience with the Tech and the office. Thanks for all you do for the community A&R! I refer you to everyone that has a need!
    Jennifer M-K
  • I am a new customer who recently had an after-hours plumbing emergency. I was very impresssed that an employee answered the phone and was able to answer questions when I called. A tech was dispatched immediately for the emergency even though it was very late and it was out of town. The office also called to follow up the next morning to make sure that everything was still working well. I am very happy with the way the service went and will make sure to use A&R in the future.
  • I was very pleased with the service Paul provided yesterday. Paul was very thorough as he did our annual maintenance. Paul communicates very well and it was a pleasure having him provide our service.  
    William W.
  • To: A&R Mechanical Services Amarillo Thank you to Shiloh for his very skillful management in replacing an old drum trap behind our bathtub, which was leaking in the drain over. Other plumbers have told us over the years that eventual trap replacement would be a real challenge. Shiloh is extremely efficient and kept us clearly informed from start to finish as to the problem and fix. I've know a few good marine drill instructors in my days in San Diego and Seattle. Those are the few who turn out the outstanding. Shiloh reminds me of that "Can Do." If Shiloh takes on a thing I suspect he soon becomes known for doing that "Can Do" result! I don't know that Shiloh is known to Canyon Code Enforcement yet - but we will certainly appeal A&R Mechanical Services and Shiloh's name around. Shiloh's helper Robert was also "right there" for Shiloh. Again thank you to A&R and Shiloh for confirming we are in the right company! Copy of this letter will be delivered to Canyon Code office today. Sincerely,
    Sunny M.
  • Russell, I recently purchased an air-conditioning unit from A+R. I was so pleased with the installation of Russell and his crew. Everyone of them (Juan, Robert, Gilbert, Josh, and Russell) were very polite and diligent in their work. They left my home exceptionally clean, and I would highly recumbent A&R and Russell's crew.
    Anna K. T.
  • Hi Shiloh! Thank you for your "know how- can do"! We feel like an all new house by now! We are most glad to be in your capable hands! Thank you also to Moses for "being there and here" for you (and us) with "calm waters" of reliability and focused purpose.
    Carlos & Sunny
  • Dear Amy, Christy, and Gena, Thank you for the real help on this bill!! You three are such a joy to work with! I will love taking you where I go with your uplifting spirit and "special you".
    Sunny M.
  • I was very pleased with Darrell when he was sent to clean the sewer at my home.  He was courteous and explained the situation where I could understand.  He "did not" try to tell me or pressure me I needed a new sewer line (which one week earlier I had an experience with another plumbing company that said I needed a camera - or a new line.  (Maybe I do but let me figure it out!)  I have multiple Rent properties so none of this is new to me.  Thanks for coming to my rescue on Memorial Day!

    Rebecca H.
  • I had a wonderful experience with A&R. Other companies in town have been rude in the past…but your worker was very courteous and knowledgeable. He was eager to help from the beginning to the end. Thanks to all of the A&R Team!
    Georgia M.
  • How like the Lord to put you all at "ARMS" in my mind when I talked with Him about His Hands on this property that is in His Covenant Work and Wonders since 6/2/2000! He says He is taking care of Everything and here you all are! I rejoice to have met you each and all for this time and place in the ongoing amazing Adventure Life is! Sailing figures very singularly in my life and think this favorite Word fits each and all of you at A&R in some personal way --- Psalm 107:23/24
    Sunny M.
  • I want to take this opportunity to commend the fine employees of your company who made the purchase and installation of our central air conditioning and heating system a pleasant experience. Marcus did a professional job of determining my needs and proposing the correct system to meet my needs.
    Angie D.
  • All of your workers were very presentable, well mannered, and hard working. The installation was completed in a timely and professional manner. Your crew represented you well and you would have been pleased with the way they conducted their business.
    James A.
  • Dear A&R Mechanical, Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. Juan was professional and nice. Great work too!
    Amy E. & Shelly A.
  • I just wanted to let you know your guy came out and worked on my AC issue Friday and he was fantastic. I believe his name was Bryan. He was very professional and got us fixed up until he could get a part in. I know that most of the time we only hear about our employees when they mess something up so I always like to give the guys that do a great job a little credit as well. Good guy and he did a great job. Thanks again.
    – Mark A. S.