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Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall is a time for change. The weather changes, the leaves change colors, and things around your home need to be changed. We’re talking about Fall maintenance. That’s right, to help you get your home prepped for the next couple of months we have provided 4 Fall maintenance tips.

1. Clean and Stow Your Mower

Chances are that as your grass starts drying from the cold you won’t be using your lawnmower as much. However, putting your lawn mower away for the colder months isn’t as simple as rolling it into the garage. First, you will want to clean your mower by removing excess grass caught underneath in the blade area. You can do this easily with an old rag and a water hose. Another thing to consider is your gas. If your gas sits in a fuel tank for months it can deteriorate, causing damage to internal engine parts. An easy fix to this problem is fuel stabilizer which prevents fuel from deteriorating. You can pick up fuel stabilizer for $10 at your local hardware store.

2. Shut Off Sprinkler System

It’s important to shut off your sprinkler system once the morning and night temperatures start dropping close to freezing. Freezing water equals busted sprinkler lines, which can be a headache for you. You can shut off your irrigation lines by turning off the water at the main valve, shutting off the automatic controller, opening drain valves, and shaking excess water from above-ground sprinkler heads.

3. De-Gunk Gutters

As the leaves begin to fall they will cover your roof and fill your gutters. If things like leaves, twigs, and gunk build up in your gutter it can trap water and ice leading to damage. To avoid this issue, you can take a ladder and begin scooping out the gutters along the edge of your roof. This is also the time where you can inspect any damage or weakness in your gutters or downspouts.

4. Check Furnace

It’s a good idea to have an HVAC expert check your heating system before things cool down too much. You should also make sure to change your air filters every couple of months. If your HVAC includes a humidifier you will want your contractor to change that filter out as well.

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