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How to Keep Your Drains Clog Free

We often get extremely busy and neglect some of our chores, especially cleaning, but for a lot of people, especially big families, cleaning their home can be a never ending daily or weekly task that staying on top of is next to impossible. When we do clean, we go for the obvious big ones, laundry comes first, then counters get scrubbed, floors become vacuumed, the yard gets mowed, and occasionally the beds get made. But what about your drains? Home drains often get overlooked or forgot about in the cleaning process. They aren’t visible or normally thought of, and cleaning them typically happens when a clog forms, not before. There are many drains in your house, and when they become clogged, drains start to smell, fixing them can be time-consuming, and they can be costly if you must call a plumber.

By doing routine cleaning and maintenance every so often, clogged drains can become a thing of the past, and one less household headache to deal with.

Here are 5 simple things to keep drains clean and clog free, and save you a future headache.

  1. Use a screen/drain-gate: Screens /drain gates go over the drains opening to mitigate issues with hair, soap debris, and other objects that may make their way into the drain. Stop by any local plumbing or hardware store to find out which one best fits your drain.
  2. A weird one? Brush your hair before showering: We lose a lot of hair in the shower. Most shower clogs are typically due to hair build up. So, brushing your hair right before shower will get rid of a chunk of the loose hair that could find its way into the drain.
  3. Grease is bad: Never put grease down the sink, it is liquid when it goes down, but it quickly hardens when cooled. Instead, pour it in an old can and throw it away.
  4. Occasionally use the hot water trick: Every so often, run a little bit of hot water down your drains. The hot water will help clean out the oils and foods that have built up in the pipes.
  5. Vinegar ice cubes: Fill an ice tray half full of vinegar and top it with water. Turn on your garbage disposal and throw in the vinegar ice cubes. Since vinegar is a mild acid, it will clean the drain out while the ice scrapes grease off the walls. Pro tip: Throw in half of a sliced after to get rid of the smell and bring a pleasant odor about.

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