$89.95 Air Quality Inspection

Colder weather means that your home’s heating and air systems are working overtime. During cold and flu season, air quality upkeep is even more critical to your family’s health.

A significant part of air quality inspection and maintenance is checking and changing air filters. Did you know that most of our allergies come from our homes? There are many more factors which can affect your home’s air quality beyond just that of air filters.

Humidity, air purity and air freshness are all factors which need to reviewing when gauging air quality. These different factors can be the difference between pathogens entering and thriving in your home, and a controlled, clean environment for your family.

What’s more is that indoor air quality can both impact your pet’s health as well as changed by the presence of our four-legged friends. Our Air Quality specialists will make sure that your home system is removing common air impurities that can come from the family pet.

Does your indoor air quality pass the test? Have a certified A&R air quality specialist inspect your home to make sure your home’s air is clean and free of potential risks.

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A Clean Air Filter
A Dirty Air Filter

The A&R Air Quality Inspection Checklist

Below you can find the multi-point inspection checklist the A&R air quality inspection specialists use to determine your home’s air quality.