When your home’s heating system fails, it is an emergency. A breakdown of your home’s heat can become a safety issue very quick, especially when winter is underway. At A&R Mechanical we pride ourselves on prompt response times as well as professional service.

Amarillo Heating Repair: Problem Diagnosis

Heating systems can break down because of many issues. Issues can range from significant problems such as a full system failure due to age, to simple fixes such as an accumulation of dust and debris. When working with A&R Mechanical, you never have to worry about being recommended a service that is unnecessary or unreasonable. When problems arise, our trained professional Amarillo heating technicians can diagnosis, explain, and fix whatever might be the issue. Don’t get left out in the cold this winter trust A&R.

Common Heating System Problems

When a heating system breaks down, there are a few common problems we routinely see. As soon as you notice the smallest problem, it is vital to take immediate action. Issues can quickly compound, and the result is full system failure or event potential safety hazards. It is essential to call A&R as soon as any irregularities in your system become apparent. Some of the most common issues we see are as follows.

Amarillo Heating System Failure Due To Age

It might surprise many that the average lifespan of a home furnace is only 16-20 years. Heat Pumps usually only last around 14 years. During periods of operating systems can become strained. As debris and general wear and tear compound the stress of daily functions, heating systems will eventually begin to shut down. Visit our Heating Home Installation page for more information on the process of new system installation.

Amarillo Heating System Failure: Dust and Debris

We love and appreciate the natural beauty of West Texas. Unfortunately, the South Plains region is a victim of a surplus of dust and debris. Over time contaminants can make their way into your home system resulting in malfunction. Luckily the solutions to these problems are commonly a quick and easy system cleaning. If debris is the issue, then we can usually have your system back to running “good as new” in no time at all.

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