The installation of a new heating system can seem like a monumental task. At A&R Mechanical we want to help you through every step of the process. From planning to financing to the installation itself, we will be by your side.

Amarillo Heating Installation Process

Analyze The Current Situation

The first step to any installation is a review of the current situation. One of our licensed Amarillo heating specialists will come out to your home and make recommendations based on what system will best fit your needs. We offer a wide selection of topic quality brands and products to make sure that we equip your home with a system that can adequately handle your needs.

Developing A Financing and Installation Plan

Once you decide on what system would best fit your needs, we will help you create a financing plan for your new heating system. We work alongside trusted banks to make sure that your payments are affordable and fit your needs. The next step is going over what the installation process will entail. We have heard horror stories of new installations taking months, and requiring families to leave their homes. Rest assured that is not how we operate. Once you decide on a timeline, we can begin installation immediately and finish the job quickly, with minimally invasive techniques.

The Installation

Once installation begins, we will work quickly and professionally to finish the job within the agreed upon timeframe. We pride ourselves on quality work that disrupts your life the least amount possible. A new heating system installation can be a significant job, but the benefits are immediate. Not only will you and your family be able to enjoy the colder months in the Panhandle, but your home value will go up as well!

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