While your home’s heating system might have served your family well for the past many years, it might be time for placement or upgrade. Heating systems do not last forever. The average life of a furnace ranges from 16-20 years while the lifespan of most heating pumps hovers around 14 years. If you are noticing consistent breakdowns, or issues with your system call A&R Mechanical today to see if it is time for a change.

Heating Amarillo

Benefits Of A Heating System Replacement

Like every field, heating systems have seen an incredible advancement in technology over the years. If your system is over 10 years old, chances are you may be missing out on some revolutionary features that will not only heat your home more efficiently but also save you money while doing so.

Cost Efficient Technology

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from our Amarillo customers is that their new heating system has lowered their monthly heating costs. If your system needs to be replaced, we have Energy Star®rated systems that will save you money! New technology allows heating systems to heat homes more efficiently. Hot air can reach all areas of a home, and do so without expending as much energy as was needed in the past. So say goodbye to cold spots and hello to a reduced monthly bill!

Increased Home Value

Upgrading or replacing your heating system will also naturally increase the value of your home. Outdated systems can drastically lower home prices as it is assumed that if the home is sold, the new residents will be forced to replace the system. By taking this step now, you will invest in the future. The costs will not only be seen in reduced monthly bills but also higher valuations.

Increased Safety

As heating systems grow older, potential safety concerns can arise. New systems have more safeguards in place to detect issues and alert residents of a home when they arise. Potential safety concerns can range from carbon monoxide to fire hazards. Investing in a new heating system can significantly reduce the risks of these concerns for you and your family.

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