Is your sink or drain clogged? Have you already tried store bought solutions? Or is the problem too severe for a DYI job? A&R Mechanical can help.


A working plumbing system is something that many people take for granted in everyday life. It is an expected convenience of the modern world. While the last thing many think about is plumbing maintenance, regular service is a crucial part of making sure that pipes are clear and working in optimal condition. At A&R Mechanical, we believe drain cleaning is both a remedy for existing issues as well as a sound practice for regular maintenance.

Amarillo Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Over time, debris can build up in drains, which eventually makes its way into the pipes of a plumbing system. When regular drain cleaning is not practiced, the results can make for a complete plumbing nightmare complete with busted and backed up pipes.

Professionals suggest that for a typical home drains should be cleaned and checked for issues at least once every two years. Keeping up with this schedule is the best way to make sure that no critical issues develop over time, and can save thousands in the long term. If you are reading this thinking, “have I ever gotten my drains cleaned?”, contact us today to learn more about this quick and easy process.

Amarillo Drain Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes the first realization that drains need to be cleaned is when someone is taking a shower and ends up with water up to their ankles. At this point, a drain has become partially clogged and needs to be serviced to run smoothly again.

Professional Service vs. Liquid Plumbing Solutions

Many households will opt to use some form of liquid plumbing solution. Many times, liquid plumbing solutions will be enough to bust through an existing issue. Even if store bought fixes work, they contain harsh chemicals that can deteriorate pipes over time making the likelihood of future problems very high. It is best to have a professional come out to clean drains and bust-up clogs. Contact A&R today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the drain cleaning process.