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My HVAC Vent is Not Blowing Air

Seasons in West Texas are well renowned for being back and forth when it comes to climate and weather conditions. And the last few weeks have been a testament to that. Meaning daily back and forth, temperature changes, for your thermostat and unit that can prove to be problematic. It is important to note that the problem may not lie in the actual unit but somewhere you wouldn’t expect.

Things to check if your HVAC Vent is not Blowing Air

One of the most common problems our customers run into is a vent that is not blowing air out properly. If this is the case for your home make sure the vent is in its fully open position. Believe it or not but this is one of the common mistakes homeowners have because something unknowingly knocked the vent closed. The second component you should check is your air filter. A dirty cabin air filter is not only bad for your air quality and health but can cause you indoor coil to freeze up, cause the system to stall. This can be fixed by turning off the heat and cool options and letting the system run for a couple of hours, to allow the unit time to “thaw” out. Then you may proceed in restarting it. Lastly, if these tips do not solve your problem then you could find yourself with the problem of your thermostats wiring not properly connecting/communicating with your unit, soiled air-ducts, or you may be suffering from an unknown leak. In the instance of any of the last three mentioned, matters should be taken in the hands of a trained professional.

A&R Technicians can Service your HVAC System

Technicians have special equipment and cameras specifically designed to enter your home’s air vents and look for the particular problem and a wiring issue should always be handled by a professional that knows what they’re doing to prevent anyone within the home from electrocuting themselves or causing further damage to the system. If you have any additional questions or have concerns that your system may be suffering from one of these problems, call A&R Plumbing, Heating and Air!

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