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Baby Proof Your Toilet

You finally sit down to relax. The living room is vacuumed, clothes are washed and put away, and dinner is in the oven. It’s calm and quiet–almost too quiet. All of a sudden you hear a flush and run to the bathroom and there’s your sweet toddler flushing their teddy bear or army men down the toilet. Now, if you had baby proofed your toilet, this wouldn’t be an issue for you or your wallet. At A&R we love helping our customers. However, there are some preemptive measures you can take to make your life a little easier and a lot less stressful.

It Starts With the Door

Get into a routine of always shutting the bathroom door behind you. Besides the toilet, the bathroom is full of things that could harm your children such as cleaning products and small objects they could ingest. If they are tall enough to reach the door, baby proofing the door would be a great option for your growing family.

Secure the Lid

Proofing your toilet is not only for your wallet’s sake but also for your child’s safety. CSPS reported that 16 toddlers drowned in toilets between 1996 and 1999. In 2012, there was another two reported deaths and one injury involving a toilet. To keep your child and toilet out of harm’s way, securing your lid is another optional precaution.

Not all toilet bowls are the same size and shape; some are thicker, and some are rounder. Manufacturers often have suggestions and guides to help their customers make a decision. However, they are not always accurate. One of the best methods is purchasing a multi-purpose latch, the soft plastic is flexible and bends to perfectly fit your toilet–saving you another trip to the store.

Child Proof Cabinet, Drawer, Appliance and Toliet Seat Latch Systems

Baby Proof Your Toilet Paper

Those little fingers love to play and pull on the toilet paper, watching it unravel. At first, it can be cute, but when the whole roll ends up around your house or in your toilet, it’s not so fun anymore. You can purchase sleeves and covers, both plastic and metal, which guards your child against being able to pull and unravel the roll. Another great option is a paper saver. Invented by a mother, a plastic rod is inserted in the toilet paper roll. Attached is an elastic band which holds down the end of the sheet and fastens it onto the roll.

Toliet Paper Saver

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