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What Is The Best Plunger?

Got a clog but are not ready to call on our team of Amarillo plumbers? The plunger is a simple but effective tool when it comes to a clogged drain. But, the real question is, “which plunger do I use”? You may be thinking “a plunger is a plunger.” There are three types of plungers that you need in your home. The common sink plunger, the toilet plunger, and the accordion plunger. Here are our picks for the best plunger for certain jobs.

Common Sink Plunger

First, the common sink plunger. This is the most basic iteration of the three. But, you may be using this plunger all wrong! This is the best plunger for drains. Whether it is a sink or a bathtub drain this plunger serves as your best choice. However, it can still be used for a toilet. It will not be nearly as effective as the aptly named, toilet plunger.

Best Use: Sinks and Drains

Toilet Plunger

(The name says it all)

You probably notice an aesthetic difference between the toilet plunger and the common sink plunger. The difference is the soft rubber flap that folds out from the inside of the cup. This function helps to easily seal and provide the necessary suction to unclog your toilet. But, it can still be used successfully with any other clogged drains or pipes in your home. It is virtually a swiss army knife plunger and therefore the best plunger for many different jobs.

Best Use: All around

Accordion Plunger

Oddly, enough experts recommend this plunger for toilets over the toilet plunger. Reason being that they have a smaller cup that can fit over drain perfectly inside of the toilet bowl. It is not the easiest to use, but it can be the most effective making it the best plunger for serious clogs.

Best Use: Toilets

Quick Tips:

  • Plunger straight and vertical
  • Press plunger down slowly to create suction and reduce air in the cup. This helps create a better seal.
  • Make sure plunger is fully submerged.