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Cut Your Amarillo Heating Cost this Fall

Warmer clothing and cooler weather are finally upon us. This could only signify one thing, the fall season is here and in full swing. With outdoor temperatures falling, the transition from summer to fall could take some adjusting. Thankfully, your heating unit isn’t in its prime season yet. However, it will soon become your primary cost when it comes to your electric bill. The upcoming transition from fall to winter begins now, which why we’re sharing our tips on how to keep the cost of heating low this autumn season.

Dress for warmth:

May sound both silly and obvious, but dressing for warmth could help prevent you from bumping up the heater those few extra degrees. So throw on your favorite sweatshirt, slip on a pair of comfy lounging pants, grab a pair of fuzzy socks, and step into a pair of slippers to top off your look.

Decorate your house:

You read right. It’s time to up your home decor by bringing out those beloved heavy blankets, extra cushioned bed comforters, and any extra rugs you may have. Accentuate your sofa with warm blankets and your bedroom with a new quilt.

Turn down the thermostat:

Reducing your thermostat temperature by only a few degrees when out of the house can make a significant difference when it’s time to pay the monthly heating bill, without a cost of comfort for you.


Adding extra insulation helps keep the warmth in and cold, bitter days out. You don’t need a total home transformation, instead, consider simply adding a few extra bundles of insulation here and there. We guarantee the cost of insulation will be rewarded when you see the significant decrease in your electric bill.

Get an inspection:

Keep your heater at the peak of its performance by receiving a thorough check-up by experts. At A&R Mechanical, we have a team of experts at your service only a phone call away. Set up your home inspection today by calling us at (806) 372-1572.

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