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Different AC Units for an Office Building

While there are plenty of options for commercial cooling, finding the right system for your building is crucial. When using A&R, they will take the proper steps to figure out the best solution for your building.

Multi-Stage Unit

As opposed to a single-stage air conditioning unit, the multi-stage unit is intended for much larger office buildings. This cooling solution is energy efficient, which means more money is staying in your pocket and less is going to your provider. Unlike its single-stage counterpart, the multi-stage air conditioner doesn’t run at full blast all of the time, but instead it runs more consistently at lower volumes to keep your office building a maintained, comfortable temperature setting.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

This system allows you to control the temperature of your office building through a centralized control box. VAV uses extensive ductwork to disperse cold or warm air throughout your office space. While providing max comfort for everyone in your building, VAV is also energy efficient and will get the approval from every employee.

Central Plant Air Conditioning

Commonly used for larger buildings, this air conditioning system has a single space dedicated to all of the air conditioning functions. In this space, which is usually a room devoted to the plant, you will be able to find the central station and all the controls to maintain the temperature in your building. This system is best for large buildings that have many floors.

Double Duct System

Compared to the previously mentioned air conditioning systems, the double duct system requires the most ductwork. As you might have guessed, this cooling solution has two sets of ductwork: cold and warm. Both are connected to a central unit where the air is distributed throughout the office building. Although the system may have two ducts, it is easily controlled by a single thermostat.

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