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Heating for the New Year

Prevention is the best medicine to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape. By implementing a few simple but necessary steps in preparing your home for freezing temperatures, your furnace, family, and wallet will thank you later. We’ve provided a heating checklist for homeowners to ensure your heating system is prepared for another West Texas winter.

Replace the Furnace Filter

Replacing your filter will improve the air quality in your home. If the filter becomes too saturated with dust and debris, it will prevent air from passing through it. If air cannot flow freely, heat will be trapped in the system, causing the furnace to overheat when turned on. The best time to change your filter varies from one month to twelve months, depending on the size. However, you should check if your filter needs replacing if you feel the air quality in your home is declining. You can check your filter by looking to see if it is discolored or holding the filter up to bright light. If you can see the light through the filter, that means air can get through. If not, it’s time to replace it.

Ensure Vents Aren’t Blocked

Another way that airflow is obstructed is by accidentally blocking your vents. It’s easy to forget where vents are located throughout your home and cover them up with furniture, rugs, or curtains. To ensure air can flow freely, keep at least 18 inches of space between vents and furniture.

Switch Your Thermostat

When cold weather arrives, it’s important to remember to switch your thermostat to heating. Doing this also provides an excellent opportunity for a maintenance check. When you switch from AC to heat, watch how long it takes for your thermostat to start responding. If it seems to take longer than it should, consider calling a technician to check it out.

Oil the Blower

The furnace blower is an essential part of the heating system and should be oiled at least once a year. Oiling the blower is a job for a professional, so consider calling your local HVAC company for a heating system tune-up. If you notice any squeaking sounds from your heater when it’s on, that means it’s probably time to call a technician to oil the blower.

Ask a Pro to Clean the Burners

When your furnace is not in use during the warmer months, dirt and debris can build up in the burner, affecting the amount of heat distributed to your home. Less heat means your system needs to work harder to keep up, consuming more energy. We suggest you have a professional come out to remove debris from your burners. However, you can vacuum around it; make sure the unit is off before getting started.

Get a professional inspection

The safest and best way to make sure your heating is in good working order for the winter is to call in an expert, especially if you have noticed strange smells or noises coming from your furnace. A professional will see things you can’t and detect and prevent issues that could become a hazardous, costly problem later. At A&R Mechanical we pride ourselves on prompt response times as well as professional heating services. Contact us to inspect your Amarillo heating system and know that you will be safe and comfy for the new year!