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Prepping for Vacation

You might get excited when you start prepping for vacation and travel. While itineraries and packing seem to be the only things on our minds, checking up on your HVAC system might be at the bottom of your priorities. However, you should follow this HVAC checklist to ensure your system lasts.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Before heading out for a vacation, increase the temperature on the thermostat to at least 5 degrees above what you usually set it to. Then, if it’s scorching hot, you can set it to between 79°F – 85°F to save on your energy bill. You can program your smart thermostat to start cooling down your home the day of your arrival. By adjusting the temperature, you can get it just how you like it, anticipating when you return from traveling. Lowering the temperature while you’re gone is usually recommended instead of turning the unit off entirely for the duration of your trip. Keeping the HVAC system up and running while you away keep your home from getting too hot and humid, which can lead to damage and even mold. Suppose you’re interested in having a more programmable interface for your HVAC unit and modern capabilities. In that case, A&R Mechanical can help you install smart thermostats to manage your home’s temperature while away.

Prevent Heat from Getting in

Light and heat tend to flood in from open blinds making your AC work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. When you close all your blinds and curtains, you can block heat, keeping costs down. You can also prevent the AC from working overtime when it doesn’t need to.

Surge Protection

If you haven’t already, invest in a surge protector for your AC unit. That way, your HVAC system won’t be damaged by any power surges while you’re away.

Change Air Filters

Unless you’ve replaced your air filters within 30 days of departure, change all the air filters before leaving. This will ensure no airflow restriction issues with your filters that could cause damage to your unit. Clean air filters will prevent your system from circulating allergy-inducing dust and pollutants throughout your house while you’re gone. Avoid annoying allergies on your first day back by replacing your filters ahead of time and be welcomed home by good indoor air quality.

Make Sure All Vents Are Open

It’s a common misconception that closing air vents will redirect air to other rooms. Instead, closing air vents will make air seep into spaces it shouldn’t necessarily be in, like the internal structure of your walls. This forces the AC system to work harder to push air to rooms that aren’t receiving airflow. Even worse, the additional air pressure can affect the AC blower’s calibration and cause lasting damage. Don’t come home to a stuffy home and overworked AC unit! Instead, leave your air vents open during your trip.

Check For Debris Around Your Unit

Take a quick look around your outdoor AC unit to ensure no landscaping obstructions or debris could get caught in the system, like sticks, loose clumps of dirt and mud, or fallen leaves.

Schedule Maintenance Before You Go

Prevention is critical in situations involving costly HVAC repairs or high energy bills. If you plan on being gone for a while on vacation, then it is often best to schedule an inspection with trusted HVAC specialists. Our expert technicians at A&R Mechanical are happy to assist you with any HVAC maintenance or installation so you can rest easy on your well-deserved break. Contact us today to ensure your home stays comfortable and cost-effective!

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