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SAFETY FIRST! Before you do any maintenance on your HVAC unit, turn off the circuit breaker. Having a well-maintained unit shouldn’t hurt, shock, or surprise you.  

Nobody wants to be without air conditioning in temperatures over 90° this summer. To get the most out of your air conditioner, here are steps you should take to ensure you’re comfortable and your unit has a long life. These steps will help save you time, energy, and money in the long run!

Outdoor Maintenance

Part of your HVAC unit is the outdoor condenser unit which has different needs than its indoor pieces. The outdoor fan can be damaged by debris and from sitting out of use. If the outdoor fan is damaged, it is essential to replace it for the efficiency of the whole cooling process.

  • Turn off this unit, remove debris from it, and clean off dirt with water. Make sure to avoid getting water on electrical wires!
  • While the unit is off, clean the condenser coils and straighten out the condenser unit fins using a
  • Make sure that your outdoor unit doesn’t have landscaping obstructions. Check to ensure you have an 18″ clearance around the unit to ensure it works at its best.

When working outdoors trimming hedges, pruning trees, and mowing the lawn, avoid sending debris toward your condenser unit as the clutter will prevent it from working well or cause damage, leading to replacing parts.

The first step in indoor maintenance is changing out the filter. This takes about 3 minutes and costs roughly $20. Some filters can last several months. However, if you have pets that shed or live in a high pollen count, dusty, or high wind area, then changing the filter monthly may be the best choice. Either way, you should check the filter monthly to see if it needs replacement. 

  • If your unit has a drain, make sure the drain is clear and clean up any moisture around the unit. Then, you can clean the fan blades with a vacuum.
  • Look over the insulators for coolant and electricity. They may need to be replaced if damaged. Call the professionals right away if you notice damage!
  • Check to make sure your indoor vents and returns have an 18″ clearance around them for needed airflow.
  • Vacuum in, on, and around vents to reduce the irritants in the air and increase airflow. 

Yearly Maintenance

Beyond all the other indoor and outdoor maintenance tips, check your wiring seasonally. The summer is a necessary time to do this! Turn off your HVAC unit and open the access panel. If there are gnawed-on, damaged, blackened or burnt wires, it is time to call on our professional team of techs

Find Out How A & R Mechanical Can Help

Before summer temperatures rise too much, be sure to call upon our techs to ensure your unit is working in top condition. We’ll clean, oil, tighten, and tune your machine. It’s the best way to ensure your air conditioning unit will perform optimally even during your summer fun.
Perhaps it’s time to schedule your yearly maintenance inspection. Or maybe you’ve just noticed damage or inefficiency in your HVAC unit. Contact our expert A & R Mechanical techs to keep you cool through the summer heat.