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So, you have a clogged drain, and you want it gone, fast. With store bought liquid drain cleaners promising quick and inexpensive results, it’s easy to be fooled by the “guarantee.” While store-bought might seem like a good idea, the only thing the cleaning professionals can “guarantee” you about these drain cleaners is this: ineffective results, health hazards and, ultimately, less money in your pocket. Here’s why:

Store bought causes pipe damage

The hydrochloric acid and other highly caustic chemicals, found in liquid drain cleaners cause significant damage to plumbing. The same chemical combination that chews through your sink clog will, over time, work the same destructive process on the inside of your pipes. Damaged pipes will end up costing you more time and more money than if you had just hired a professional cleaner to fix the clog.

Store bought can be dangerous

Not only does store bought product damage your pipes, but it is also unsafe for the occupants. The hazardous chemicals found in liquid drain cleaners are highly toxic and can be some of the most hazardous chemicals brought into the home. The fumes irritate the nose and eyes, and, if accidentally inhaled, can endanger a child, or even be fatal to pets.

Store bought poisons landfills

Even after you “empty” your liquid cleaner and toss it into the trash, the bottle will eventually find itself in a landfill, seeping unsafe chemicals into the ground. That is one of the common ways that hazardous chemical residue can contaminate drinking water.

Store bought doesn’t work

While store bought cleaners might seem to clean the clog out at first, liquid store cleaners will often miss the original debris that caused the build up in the first place. Additionally, if your clog was caused by anything other than debris, the liquid cleaner won’t fix the issue but will end up doing even more damage to your plumbing.

In conclusion, cleaning professionals like A&R can safely and effectively unclog drains without corrosive chemicals. Through A&R’s variety of professional plumbing services, we guarantee that you, your family and your environment will be protected against the damage of store bought cleaners. Call A&R today at (806) 372-1572 or visit our website at

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