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Scared of what is going bump in the night? It may be your plumbing pipes. There are numerous reasons why your pipes may be making noises, from minor fixes to major repairs. Learn more about what your plumbing noises may be trying to tell you.

Common Reasons for Plumbing Sounds

Pipe Blockage:

Pipe blockages can lead to a more serious problem, such as a pipe bursting. If you suspect your drain or pipes have a blockage, call our team today at (806) 372-1572.

Faulty valve:

A faulty valve in your sink or toilet may result in a strange sound after flushing the toilet or turning off the sink. If you are experiencing this unsettling noise, it is time to call an expert at A&R Mechanical.

High Water Pressure:

Your water pressure may be turned on too high, causing your pipes to make a rattling noise every time a source of water is turned on in your home. No worries, this is an easy fix and isn’t a reason to be too concerned. Call a plumber to assist in installing a equipment to regulate the water pressure could fix that noise overnight.

Air in Pipes:

Air in your home’s pipes sounds like a minimal problem, but can cause bigger problems down the road if not taken care of. This may indicate you have leaks in your appliances or cracks in your pipes.

There are many potential causes for your pipes rattling, it can be hard to discern what is the cause. At A&R Mechanical, we have a team of experts at your service only a phone call away. Need to pinpoint those unsettling plumbing noises? Just pick up the phone and call us at (806) 372-1572.