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A harmonious bathroom is a must for all happy couples.

Go neutral on the decor

There is nothing pleasant about waking up and walking into a bright colored bathroom. So, avoid painting the walls a headache-inducing color. Bright bathroom accessories may seem like a great idea, but neutral toned textiles show less wear and tear from frequent washing. It also makes stain removal simpler. There’s no reason to duke it out over a bathroom design that’s too feminine or too masculine. The bathroom is a shared adult space where minimalism is essential.

Have bathing space for two

Ideally, the perfect bathroom has two sinks, a shower, and a separate bath. If that’s your living situation, congrats! For couples that can afford to remodel, two sinks are definitely a great idea. If your shower and bath aren’t separate, add a second shower head so that you and your significant other can get ready in the morning.

Stop using bar soaps

Sharing a bar of soap is not a great way to kill germs, but it is an easy way to spread them. It’s a known fact that bacteria can multiply on a soap bar surface. Soap bars are gross, and they leave dried soapy messes in the shower and all over the counter. Tubes and liquid dispensers of bathroom soaps are infinitely preferable for a shared bathroom.

Get those toothbrushes under control

Sharing a toothbrush is not cute or romantic, it’s downright unhygienic. Not only do you and your significant other need your toothbrushes, but you also need your toothbrush containers. The last thing any couple needs is cross-contamination of mouth germs.

Have a sealable makeup container

Ladies, don’t drive your significant-other crazy with a mess of makeup. Shadows, powders, glosses, and polishes can be great a huge mess if they aren’t stored properly. Sealable containers are best for if something leaks or spills. They also speed up your morning routine, just take it out and unzip to get ready and then zip it all back up when you’re done. A makeup container will prevent silly fights over counter space in the bathroom.