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Many people only think about their HVAC unit when it breaks. Unfortunately, homeowners are left to sweat or freeze by this point while waiting for costly repairs to be completed. While you may not think it’s necessary to have your HVAC inspected when it’s working fine, preventative maintenance is essential for your HVAC unit and you!

Health and Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety

According to the CDC, carbon monoxide poisoning is the silent but deadly killer of around 430 Americans annually. While the risk of CO poisoning is low in well-maintained households, it increases whenever you neglect your heating system. Most carbon monoxide leaks in your home stem from a cracked heat exchanger. Failing to maintain your heater properly can thus become a fatal mistake, especially in the fall and winter when your heating system is in constant use.

Maintenance doesn’t just prevent leaks from happening; it also detects them when they’ve already occurred. In addition, with most HVAC appointments, you can request to have a carbon monoxide test performed to check for even the slightest levels of exposure. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can also usually be installed by your HVAC company.

Indoor Air Quality  

The EPA defines “indoor air quality,” or IAQ, as “the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.” Therefore, HVAC maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring good IAQ.  

Dander, dust, and harmful pollutants will inevitably enter your home, causing adverse reactions, headaches, allergies, and bodily irritation. Regularly cleaning your system and changing filters can help trap these particles and keep them from spreading throughout your home.

Additionally, a well-kept unit lowers moisture and humidity levels, which prevents mold from growing. A&R Mechanical offers solutions for improving your indoor air quality for our clients in the Amarillo area and beyond.

Stabilize Temperatures

Poorly maintained HVAC units can compromise the safety of your home. In addition, fluctuating temperature extremes can cause damage to your property and pose a significant safety hazard.

Suppose your heating and cooling systems fail to keep your home at the appropriate temperature for vacations or holidays. In that case, it may wreak havoc when pipes burst due to freezing indoor and outdoor temperatures or your home is affected by excessive heat in the Texas climate.

Save Time and Money

Keep Your Warranty

Many warranties are contingent on keeping your HVAC unit in good shape and being a responsible homeowner. Abusing or neglecting your HVAC unit and skipping regular maintenance can exempt you from your original warranty. It’s better to schedule maintenance often and keep forms of proof of recent visits.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient AC units are systems that consume less fuel and, thus, are more sustainable for the planet.  Whenever your AC is dirty, clogged, or struggling to do its job, it expends more energy than necessary, raising your energy bill. Scheduling annual check-ups to keep your unit in good shape will make it more energy efficient and save you money on utilities.

System Longevity

While every AC unit is different, most should last up to 10-20 years if cared for properly. Regular AC maintenance will ensure your system will last much longer, saving you thousands of dollars on repairs and new installations.

Don’t wait for major issues to arise with your HVAC unit. Instead, turn to preventative maintenance and schedule an inspection with us at A&R Mechanical to keep your unit running effectively!