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Has your HVAC unit been giving you trouble lately?

Have you been experiencing a lack of heat or not enough cool air over the course of the past year?

If you think your HVAC unit is acting up and/or is over ten years old, you might want to consider shopping around for a new unit.

A reliable HVAC unit is a good long-term investment that can save you a lot of money. By replacing your old and outdated HVAC, you save on constant repairs and maintenance, as well as get the benefits and features of newer units which come with a variety of options, including being able to pick an HVAC that is more green and therefore saves you even more money!

HVAC Units are a Long-Term Investment

While HVAC units are a large chunk of money down, it is a long-term investment. It’s also import to note that a malfunctioning and worn out unit can cost you up to 25% more on your annual electricity bill. If you invest in your home now, you reap the long-term benefits and over time the HVAC pays for itself tenfold.

When beginning your research for new HVAC’s, or for any new purchase for that matter, it is always important to start with the industry standard, the go to that has proven time and time again to be reliable. In this case, Trane is the industry standard, and America’s most reliable heating and air conditioning company. Trane is known in the HVAC industry as the worldwide leader in residential and commercial HVAC units.

We here at A&R choose to collaborate with Trane because simply put, they are the best around, and we only use the best.  We made the conscientious decision to have all of our HVAC specialists updated and certified to Trane’s high standards, now they are all Trane Comfort Specialists, which means they are America’s most reliable HVAC specialists.

Affordably Increase Your Quality of Life

Living a comfortable and affordable life is extremely important to us here at A&R, so we want to give you an offer that can increase your quality of life and still come at an affordable price. So, on top of our exceptional financing plans that we offer through Trane, we want to give you an extra $200 off your HVAC investment. Quality is everything to us, and we understand that an HVAC system is a big investment for your home, but it is an important one, so let America’s best help you.

Do some research and you’ll see why A&R coupled with Trane is truly America’s best, and when you’re ready to make your decision, make sure to present the coupon below to your A&R Comfort Specialist!

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