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Having Trouble with your HVAC Unit?

Has your HVAC unit been giving you trouble lately? Have you been experiencing either no heat or no cool air in the past year? If your HVAC is acting up and it is over ten years old you might want to start shopping for a new unit. While HVAC unit are a long term investment it is import to note that a malfunctioning and worn out unit can cost you up to 25% more on your annual electricity bill. In sum if you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills you should start considering an upgrade.

HVAC Unit Upgrade

When you decide it’s time to upgrade we highly recommend that you try to match your indoor and outdoor components. Systems are built to match each other to reach optimum efficiency. Some think that it will save them some money by only switching out one of their HVAC components but it can turn out to become very costly by cutting these corners. Also, if one side of the unit is old enough to be replaced, then the other side is most likely in need of a replacement as well. When you’re shopping for a new HVAC unit it is highly recommended that you begin your search with Trane. Why? Simply because they are the industry standard. Not only that but are the worldwide leader in residential and commercial HVAC units. A&R chose to partner with Trane because they are simply the best around and in turn we had to have all of our HVAC specialist updated to Trane’s high standards, therefore they are all known as Comfort Specialists.

HVAC Financing Plans

We want you to live in comfort so we want to give you an offer that you cannot part with. On top of the great financing plans we offer through Trane, we want to give you an extra $200 off your investment. Our customers always come first because we care about quality service at A&R. So when you’re ready to make your decision make sure to present this to your A&R Comfort Specialist!

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