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Here are all the reasons to commemorate plumbing on March 11th.

World Plumbing Day was established by the World Plumbing Council. The council’s mission is “To promote the role of plumbing in improving public health and safeguarding the environment, by uniting the World Plumbing Industry, for the benefit of all.” So, why is plumbing so vital?

Saves wildlife

Water systems significantly reduce the pollution of habitats for all kinds of animals. Water systems that prevent seepage into natural water sources help protect all animals, but especially aquatic creatures. Without advance water systems, big cities would cause mass extinctions of all kinds of organisms.

Protects our environment

Even city slickers like to enjoy nature. Imagine living in a city without parks or nature reserves. Because of plumbing, natural areas around human settlements can still thrive. Water systems, by protecting the water source for plants, also help maintain air quality. When there aren’t enough trees sucking clean water into their roots, there’s less oxygen for humans to breathe.

Keeps us from getting sick

Plumbing systems are the best prevention tool against infectious diseases. Sanitation standards and infrastructure have dramatically increased human life expectancy. Water systems prevent everything from minor stomach bugs to deadly diseases like cholera. Where there’s plumbing, there are healthier people.

Makes our lives more comfortable

The sheer convenience of plumbing systems shouldn’t be overlooked. What would you do every day without a running sink, shower, and toilet? You probably don’t want even to imagine it. Because of plumbers, we don’t take a medieval monthly bath anymore.

Advances society as a whole

Plumbing helps society in countless ways that we have already mentioned, but overall it helps society move forward. Since humans are living longer due to not getting sick as often or as severe they are able to produce new ideas which everyone benefits from. Who would’ve thought plumbing has done so much for us all?