Need help beating the Amarillo heat? Do you need a new air conditioner installed? Or need your current air conditioner maintained or repaired? A&R Mechanical can help.


There are a lot of great things about owning a home, but a broken or lack of a central air conditioning system is not one of them. We are dedicated to keeping Amarillo and the surrounding areas cool. Let us help you by calling us to install an air conditioning system that is right for you. We will meet with you and determine what air conditioning system is best for your home. Installing an air conditioning system may seem like a tough task, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. Call us and we can install the best air conditioning system for your home.



No one likes spending time in a Texas summer without a working air conditioning system. We specialize in residential and commercial air conditioner repair. From coils to condensers, we can fix it all. Don’t know exactly what is wrong with your AC? Not a problem! We can come inspect your system and figure out why it isn’t cooling the way it should be. Repairing your air conditioning systems can be a cost-effective way to stay cool during Amarillo’s summer months. Don’t spend another day in the Texas heat without air conditioning. Call us and we can help turn your air conditioning back on.


Your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the unit. Sometimes, all it takes is one checkup to prevent a major system failure. From air filters to coils, we can service it all. Dirty air filters make for inefficient systems. Having inefficient systems means higher energy bills, and no one likes having higher energy bills. Call us today and we can prevent this before it happens. Yearly checkups can and will extend the life of any system. Call us today and we will come out and check your system for you. We will help you with all your Amarillo air conditioning maintenance needs!



Allergies are a major concern in West Texas. Did you know that most allergens are found inside your home? We want to make sure your home’s air is as pure as possible. Dirty or out of date ventilation systems are a big factor in the amount indoor air pollution in your home. When a ventilation system is not functioning properly, pollutants will accumulate in your home causing bad allergies. Call us and we can inspect your home’s ventilation and air intakes. We will optimize the air quality with modifications that will help filter out possible allergens and contagious.

For your Amarillo air conditioning repairs call A&R Mechanical Services at (806) 372-1572 to learn more.


Deciding on a new air conditioning system for your home is a big decision. At A&R Mechanical, we understand that sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Some companies hide their pricing from the public, making it difficult to get an idea of what the home installation of an air conditioning system might cost. We do things a little different here. Knowledge is power, and at A&R we want our customers to know we are committed to transparency. Follow the button below and take a short quiz about your home and get a list of systems that would work best as options for a brand new air conditioning system.

Disclaimer: Price ranges apply to general installation and only include basic materials. These materials and installation costs do vary by the chosen system. Since all homes do differ slightly, prices can change depending on factors. These additional costs are not determined until one of our A&R Trane Comfort Care Specialists are able to view the home in person. Mechanical permits may be required by the local and state-level governments. Prices listed on the Trane page do not include taxes. They will be added onto the total cost of the Trane system as well as the installation costs.