Are you experiencing seasonal allergies even inside your own home? It could be an issue with your air filtration system. Find out common allergens and potential solutions below. 


West Texas is indeed a beautiful part of this great country. With the rollings hills, plunging canyons, and seas of wildflowers come allergens of all shapes and sizes. Many residents of Amarillo and the surrounding areas are plagued by allergies from early spring to late fall because of their allergies.

Many times residents are not even able to enjoy the peace of their own homes because of dirty or outdated ventilation systems. Luckily there are many steps to take to improve the year-round air quality of your home, and A&R Mechanical can help every step of the way.

Common Allergens

West Texas is home to many airborne allergens; it is the price we pay to have such a magnificent natural setting around us. These can come from many sources. Below you will find some of the main culprits that cause seasonal allergies.

  • DUST

    Having Palo Duro Canyon State Park in our backyards is a real gift of living in Amarillo and the surrounding areas. But with the second largest Canyon in the United States, comes an unbelievable amount of dust. While dust gets kicked up more regularly in the warmer months, it is a year around issues which requires a clean and up to date ventilation system to manage.


    When West Texas blooms, it is quite a sight to be seen. Unfortunately, the wildflowers, native grasses, and regional flora also contain a great deal of pollen. Many outdated ventilation systems are not able to filter out the small fine particles of pollen. All that pollen means that even indoors many residents experience seasonal allergies.


    Even when things cool down a bit in the fall months, allergens can still spring up! Cotton crops get harvested in the fall and flora such as ragweed is at its’ worse concerning pollen. These two allergens can be some of the most brutal for West Texas residents.

  • MOLD

    Mold levels have soared in recent years in West Texas. When natural mold release spores in the warmer months, Amarillo residents feel the effects for months. While mold spores can cause common allergy symptoms, they can also result in long-term consequences and breathing trouble. Many HVAC systems in Amarillo are not equipped to filter these tiny spores. But at A&R Mechanical we can help.

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

While the number of allergens can seem overwhelming, there are many steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality. At A&R Mechanical we believe that everyone deserves to feel at peace, and comfortable in their own home.


Ventilation System Cleaning

The West Texas environment can wreak havoc on your ventilation system. Over time dust, dirt, and debris can invade the home. What’s more, is that a dirty system can malfunction, break down, or even create a potential fire hazard over time.

At A&R Mechanical we can inspect your home’s ventilation and air intake systems. Through cleaning, optimizations, and other modifications we can make sure that your home is only bringing the freshest and cleanest air.


Ventilation System Upgrades and Repairs

Sometimes the culprit for low indoor air quality is an outdated ventilation system. As technology has advanced over the years, ventilation systems are now capable and trapping and filtering out incredibly fine and small particles responsible for allergies.

If you haven’t upgraded your home system in the last ten years, it might be time to consider optimizations, modifications or complete system overhauls. An investment in your home’s air quality is a long-term one that benefits you and your families health, as well as the value of your house.

If you are ready to take the first steps towards improving your indoor air quality; call A&R Mechanical at (806) 372-1572 to learn more.