Frozen Pipes

Winter comes fast here in West Texas. One day it’s sunny and balmy, then the next day snow is in the forecast. Winter doesn’t just bring cold weather though – it can bring frozen pipes.

Water can freeze in a matter of hours when the temperature drops. When water freezes into ice, it expands and can block off plumbing lines. The freezing usually results in some severe Amarillo plumbing nightmares. There are steps you can take before the winter weather hits to save you thousands in Amarillo plumbing repairs.


Trouble Areas
  • Unheated Areas
  • Under Cabinets
  • Exterior Walls
  • Garages
  • Basements
Warning Signs
  • Low water pressure
  • Frost on pipes
  • Odd odors from faucets
  • No water flow
  • Strange sounds
  • Leak spots on ceiling or walls



Pipes are more prone to freeze in areas of your house or property that are unheated. This includes under cabinets, on exterior walls, and other trouble areas such as garages. Steps can be taken to help these pipes beat the cold, and in turn, help you avoid disaster.

If the weather outside is below freezing, make sure to leave cabinet doors open. By doing so, it will allow heat to circulate pipes that an uninsulated and keep water from forming into ice.

Identify where the trouble lies. Pipes more prone to freezing include pipes in unheated areas of the home and pipes in exterior walls or along the exterior of the house. If pipes are outside of heated areas of your home such as those in the garage, make sure to wrap them with insulation.

Most of all, turn on the heat to your home and set it to at the very least, 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spotting Frozen Pipes Early

It is essential to monitor your home for any signs of pipes beginning to freeze. You should be aware of several red flags. If you can catch frozen pipes before they burst, measures can be taken to avoid disastrous consequences.

Low Water Pressure

A reduction in water pressure or even no running water at all is one of the most apparent signs of frozen pipes. When a pipe freezes, it blocks the line, this, in turn, means no running water can make it to your tap when you turn on your faucets. If you notice faucets running slow, or not water coming out, call A&R Mechanical immediately so an Amarillo plumbing specialist can remedy the issue.

Frost On Pipes

This one might seem obvious, but it is still worth noting. Pipes cannot freeze if the external temperature is high, but surprisingly pipes are at risk of freezing even if it temperatures are technically a bit above 32 degrees. If you notice frost forming on the exterior of pipes outside your home, or in unheated areas, this is a major sign that your pipes are beginning to freeze or have frozen. At this point, it is time to call A&R Mechanical to start the process of salvaging this dangerous situation.

Odd Odors

Another sign that your pipes have started to freeze or are frozen is an unusual odor coming from plumbing; this occurs because frozen pipes entirely block lines. Therefore smells are unable to escape from the pipes and cycles back into your home. The result can be critical as it means that more than just water has frozen and if those pipes burst…well, you can imagine the effect.

Treating Frozen Pipes

If you notice any of the warning signs we mentioned above, then you will want to contact us as soon as possible. Frozen pipes do not take long to burst, and this can mean thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars will need to spent for clean up and replacement.

We have professional grade frozen pipe treatment systems that will remedy the situation if caught early. Our professional systems will gently warm the frozen pipes so that the ice will melt, while your pipes will remain undamaged.


A&R Mechanical Can Help Stop The Problem Before It Beings

Of course, as the adage goes, “the best offense is a good defense,” this applies to pipe freezing as well. Getting in front of the issue of frozen pipes can save you the trouble and worry during the colder months.

To learn more about our preventative services including pipe wrapping and other treatments, contact us today.

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