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Amarillo has a small-town feel, with a big city economy

As the largest city in the Panhandle, Amarillo leads the High Plains in many industries: agriculture, healthcare, education, and manufacturing are all expanding in the region. But there’s more in Amarillo than great jobs. It’s a vibrant and prosperous community that more and more Texans are moving into.

Affordable Houses

In Amarillo, home ownership is attainable, and the rent is affordable. The median property value is $118,000, while the median household income is $47,735 a year, according to Livability. On the renter’s side, the median rent is only $766. Whether you’re a family or a single young professional, the housing market in Amarillo is very affordable.

Great Jobs

The unemployment rate in Amarillo is very low, making up on 3.2% of the labor force. An economic snapshot of Amarillo shows how diversified the economy is, with many strong industries. The top employers in Amarillo range from across fields, with some of the biggest employers being in healthcare and education.

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Plenty to Do

Despite being a smaller city, with a population of 200,000, Amarillo has lots of fun attractions. Pack up the car and go hike Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the U.S. Also, make a stop at the famous Cadillac Ranch, and make sure you spray paint your mark. In town, you can enjoy the fantastic Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Amarillo is also known for its West Texas-inspired food and drink scene. While being the top beef producer in Texas, Amarillo has a diverse culinary scene with excellent burgers, but also amazing healthy options, available to residents.

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