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Commercial Building Maintenance

Is your company’s building not living up to heating, air conditioning, and plumbing standards? A&R offers commercial building maintenance no matter how big or small the building is! Our Trane Comfort Specialists can come check out your building and offer expert advice and knowledge on how to improve your building’s heating, plumbing, and air conditioning. [G1] [G2] For anything from installing a state-of-the-art air conditioning system to fixing a minor plumbing leak, A&R has you covered for all your company’s commercial building maintenance.

Plumbing Services

A&R can take care of anything as small as a faucet leak to anything as big as a busted pipe in your building. Are you unsure if your company can afford a potentially hefty repair bill? No problem! A&R’s technicians will come out to your building and provide you with a quote before they begin the work. Remember, any leak that seems minor has the potential turn into a headache very quickly, so call us today and let us fix up your building before disaster strikes.

Heating Services

Heating systems don’t last forever, so make sure you know the warning signs of a failing heating unit. Particularly during the warmer months, routinely checking your heating units may save your company an expensive repair bill during the winter. To keep your heating running smoothly, A&R can repair and replace any parts of your business’s heating system. Even if your commercial building needs a complete overhaul, A&R will work with you throughout the project to meet your budget and meet the expectation of you and your company.

Air Conditioning Service

Temperatures are on the rise, so now is the time to take care of any air conditioning maintenance your commercial building may have. The Amarillo heat can be brutal, A&R is here to renovate your a/c system whenever you may need. We will provide you with many different options based on the size and structure of your building. Our technicians will even perform regular maintenance to ensure that your air conditioning never fails throughout the duration of the summer.

Ready to get started on your next project? Give us a call at (806) 372-1572 and let’s get started today!

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