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Protect Your Pipes

As the temperature reaches lower levels each night, the possibility of our pipes freezing and bursting grows. Pipe bursts are a common cause of property damage that many don’t consider during the winter. The good news is that there are some simple things that your household can do to keep your pipes from bursting and your home from potential flooding.

Open Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets Under Sinks

Open the cabinets beneath your sinks before bed at night to allow warm air to circulate your plumbing pipes. This warmth, paired with cold water dripping from your faucets, counteracts the frigid temperature and allows your pipes to remain intact. If you have children in your home, we recommend not opening your cabinets until they are asleep. This ensures their safety from household cleaners or chemical products underneath your sinks.

Let A Little Cold Water Drip from Your Faucets

If you let cold water trickle out of your faucets during this season of frigid weather, you’ll keep your pipes operating without using too much water. While it seems counterproductive to use cold water as opposed to warm water, it is cheaper to use cold water since warm water requires help from your heater. Also, since you’re opening your cabinets and having water trickling, there is no need to use warm water, as warm air will already be flowing around your plumbing pipes.

Keep the Thermostat At A Moderate Temperature

While it is winter, keeping your thermostat at a moderate temperature day-in and day-out is essential. A wide variance in temperatures in your home affects your pipes’ vulnerability. If your pipes aren’t warmed adequately at night, then your pipes are more susceptible to freezing, even with trickling water and cabinets open. Having the cabinets open only works if the temperature in your house is warm enough to add warm air and insulate your plumbing pipes successfully.

No job is too big or small. If you find yourself in a bind with your pipes, plumbing, heating, or air, call us at (806) 372-1572. Remember, your family’s comfort is our priority.

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