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Keep it to essentials.

We’ve all been suckered into buying unnecessary products. Products that just don’t work, and that we’ll never use. But, if you have a tiny bathroom, the last thing you need is excess. If you haven’t used a product in the past two months, just throw it out. It will only clog up your morning routine.

Also, try to consider buying products with multiple functions. Sometimes, the newest products are a lot more than you need. Having quality basics can prevent the accumulation of additional products.

Utilize door organizers

The inside of your bathroom door is valuable space. The bathroom door is the perfect size for extra towel rods or hooks. Or, it can even hold makeup. That’s right-the door is a perfect place for a magnet board to organize makeup (or other grooming essentials).

Another cool idea is hanging mason jars to store bathroom paper products, like q-tips and makeup sponges. The big thing is: hang something useful on the bathroom door.

Maximize wall space

While spice racks are intended for kitchens, they’re also perfect for bathrooms. They are perfect for long tubes of hair products that crowd cabinets. Also, they are quickly accessible. Really, any added shelving is a relatively easy and cheap way to add more space. For items you want to be hidden from plain sight, you can hang baskets on the wall instead.

Maximizing wall space also means the walls of your shower. We’ve all bought ineffective showerhead racks that tip over easily. Instead, just hang another shower rod. One rod for the curtain, with another rod on the inside wall to create hanging storage.

Don’t just cram it all in

Don’t just shove bathroom products into cabinets. A little strategy goes a long way. For collections of small objects, like polishes and clippers, try some StickOnPods on the inside cabinet door.

Lazy susans can be a lifesaver when it comes to deep cabinets. That way, you won’t face an avalanche of bath products every time you need to reach the back of the cabinet. Adding stack bins to the inside cabinet space will make rummaging through deep cabinets much faster and easier.