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With the temperatures rising, most people turn to crank up their a/c units to optimize for comfort. Unfortunately, this can lead to skyrocketing energy bills. Luckily, there are certain techniques you can use to reduce your energy bill.

Check Your Insulation

Ever wonder why you keep turning up the air conditioning, but your home doesn’t seem to be getting cooler, so you drive it up some more? This could be because you must upgrade or repair your home’s insulation. If cool air is leaving your home because of poor insulation, you will be more inclined to turn up the air conditioning, costing you more and more money. Invest in a repair or upgrade of your insulation to prevent throwing money out the window on high energy bills.

Routinely Replace Your Air Filters

Failing to maintain your air filters properly can cause all kinds of headaches. Not only will you see a decline in the air quality in your home, but you will also see [G1] an increase in your energy bill. As the filter gets increasingly congested with lint, hair, and other unhealthy particles, the air conditioning units have to work harder to cool your home. The harder the air conditioning units have to work, the more energy they are using, which means, the higher your energy bill is.

Use Fans

Air conditioners aren’t the only way to cool your home. During the heat of summer, try relying on fans in your residence to cool the air. Fans don’t require as much energy as a traditional air conditioning unit. Additionally, it is much easier to remember to turn the fan on and off when leaving home for an extended period.

Monitor Your Thermostat

It is easy to forget to turn your thermostat on as you leave for a short or extended time. We recommend turning down the thermostat or completely turning the air conditioning off so you can save big on the monthly energy bills.

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