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How to keep your house comfortable in unusual fall weather.

Every year, households debate when they should turn the heater on. If you turn it on too soon, or too late, it can end up costing you more money than you want to spend. So, is there a sure way to know when to turn it on?

When should the heater be on?

As soon as the temperature outside is consistently lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, you can turn on your heater. It will be cheaper to warm your house when it starts getting slightly colder than to wait until your home is almost freezing. Set it to 68 degrees for the rest of fall and winter, and you’ll keep heating costs to a minimum.

Check your air system before turning on the heater.

We wouldn’t recommend that you just kick your heater on before checking out your air system. If you take a quick look around your system, you can potentially avoid a maintenance call.

     1. Check your air filter.

It seems insignificant, but a clean air filter goes a long way in making your home comfortable. Especially in the chillier months! So, plan on changing all your air filters before you decide to turn that heater on.

    2. Check your vents.

Before you call a repairman out to your house thinking your heater is broken, make sure your vents are open. Also, a heating professional can help you decide which vents to open, and which ones to keep closed.

    3. Check the thermostat.

Before turning your heater on, check to make sure your programmable thermostat is working. To do this, adjust your A/C by one degree and make sure you hear the system come on and feel a change. You’ll want to know if your thermostat is broken before you’re in need of your heater.

The most prudent thing for homeowners to do is to schedule an inspection of their HVAC system before they begin using their heater. That way, they know everything is working correctly for one colder weather comes. To schedule an inspection, contact A&R Mechanical online.