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What’s Hard Water?

A variety of home issues such as clogged pipes, dry skin, and increased energy expenses may be caused by the water pumped throughout your home. You might not even realize the problems are connected. The hidden culprit is this: hard water.

“Hard water” is water that contains a high level of calcium and magnesium, and roughly 85% of homes in the U.S. depend on this hard water supply. Lubbock, Texas resides in a portion of the state that is categorized as “extremely hard,” meaning that there are 15+ grains of calcium carbonate per gallon of water. Hard water, while safe to use, causes a variety of problems that often go unnoticed. The solution is simple: installation of a water softener dilutes the mineral concentrations in your hard water, and are beneficial for homeowners for many reasons.

Extends the life of your appliances

The minerals found in hard water build up into lime deposits on the inside of your appliances, which reduces their efficiency over time. Therefore, shortening their lifespan. Water softeners extend the life of household appliances that use water, such as washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers.

Keeps your plumbing system free of clogs

Lime deposits dropped by hard water will build up over time on the inside of your plumbing fixtures and pipes, causing unwanted clogs and corrosion. Water softeners reduce the number of mineral deposits in your water, reducing the lime buildup, and improving both the lifespan and efficiency of your plumbing system.

Faster water heating

The soft water produced by water softener systems can heat up faster than hard water, improving the efficiency of both electric and gas water heaters. This means that your appliances have to run for shorter periods of time, resulting in reduced energy consumption and a lower utility bill each month.

Softer and cleaner clothes, hair, skin, and soap

Water treated with a water softener not only benefits your household appliances but your overall hygiene as well. Soft water produces a rich lather for your soap, meaning you will use less shampoo and soap over time. While the harsh minerals of hard water scrape against your skin, soft water allows for softer skin, smoother hair, and brighter colors in your clothes after each wash.

If you are still experiencing some of the various issues caused by hard water, contact A&R Mechanical for professional plumbing assistance.

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