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Upgrades for Your Kitchen Sink

Wanting to give your kitchen a nice facelift, but don’t know where to begin? Your sink is a great place to start. With a variety of colors, materials, and designs to choose from, upgrades for your kitchen sink are a great way to personalize your space to conform to your style.

Touchless Sink Faucets

This new feature is convenient for those who are busy in the kitchen. Finding your hands full from carrying a large pot fresh off the stove? Just a simple tap on the back of your hand can turn this faucet on or off.

Pressure Adjustment Faucets

The ability to adjust the pressure of your faucet has made cooking and the cleanup more efficient. For hard to remove grime on dishes you can turn the pressure on high. And to wash your little one’s hand? You can select a lower grade. Do you have kids who waste water? Having this feature allows you to have better control of the water usage in your kitchen.


Unlike common P-traps, PermaFlow is clear which allows you to check for clogs in your kitchen sink quickly. This innovation also contains a knob which allows you to swiftly remove any grime or gunk stopping your kitchen sink and pipes from flowing correctly.

Filter Attachments

These attachments are money savers, and in a month or two could pay for themselves. The average water bottle can cost anywhere from $1-$3, but using filtered sink water lowers the cost to a mere few cents. Did you know about 20 billion water bottles are added to landfills every single year? Not only are filter attachments friendly for your wallet, but also eco-friendly.

Undermount Installed Sinks

Installed below your kitchen counter, this sink is helpful when tidying up crumbs left behind. This feature is not only functional but when paired with granite counter tops, can add a little style and personality to the focal point of your home.

Updating your sink is a quick way to fix up your kitchen. Whether you upgrade the faucet, pipes, or start from scratch with a brand sink, these quick fixes are sure to make your life easier and more stylish.

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