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Plungers are usually a bathroom eye-sore, but they don’t have to be!

No one likes seeing a bathroom plunger

Plungers are hideous and serve as reminders to a bathroom’s germy-ness. Plunger holders available in-stores are also less than stellar looking. The shiny plastic or solid rubber resemble an almost utilitarian look. Bottom line: plungers ruin the vibe of even the most well-designed bathrooms.

It has to be easily found and accessible.

You’re thinking: “Why not just put my plunger somewhere else in the house?” That would be a huge mistake. Future house guests will resent you if they find themselves in need of a plunger in your home-but they can’t locate one! A plunger is a bathroom necessity and prevents many awkward bathroom mishaps. Also, in a future bathroom emergency, you won’t want to waste time remembering where you put your plunger.

It can be stowed out of sight.

The most obvious solution is to find a visually pleasing stowaway for your ugly plunger. For sanitary reasons, we wouldn’t recommend housing a plunger in your main bathroom cabinet. Instead, a plunger could be stashed in a storage compartment of its own, perhaps with toilet paper. Any cabinet with lots of vertical space will do the trick.

The Hy-dit

According to Hy-dit’s website “Hy-dit is a sanitary storage cabinet that recesses flush into any wall. It holds the toilet plunger, a toilet brush and there is a shelf for your favorite bowl cleaning product.” The Hy-dit is more of a high-end solution, but well worth it for some homeowners.

It can be artfully displayed.

You still have options if you don’t have room for another cabinet unit in your bathroom or the money for one in your wallet. If you’re feeling creative or have an eye for home decorating, finding ways to cover up a plunger is easy. Vases, buckets, decorative trash cans, and even flower pots are all great options.

Finding a small container that leaves the handle out may be the best and cheapest option. If you go this route, you’ll likely find a storage solution that complements the design of your bathroom and is an easy fix. While creating a cover for your plunger can be DIY and crafty, it doesn’t have to be. It could be as easy as picking out a flower pot.